Piano Tuning Service In Kuala Lumpur, Selangor & Klang Valley Malaysia

Any piano requires serious care, including cleaning and, especially, tuning. Speaking of the latter, itโ€™s perhaps one of the most crucial things that have to be maintained and tended to on a regular basis. If you want your piano to sound well and its strings to not degrade over time, you need to have a tuning specialist take care of it once in a while. In case your piano has been out of action for quite a long period, it might require some more serious service, known as pitch raise. Moreover, a single pitch raise might not be enough for a long-term effect, so youโ€™d better strap in for several repeated pitch raises throughout the year. Nevertheless, you need to find a specialist, whether in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Klang Vally or anywhere else in Malaysia that would be able to properly tune your instrument despite its manufacture. Some tuners only work with Yamaha or Kawai pianos, for example. You might consider a specific Yamaha piano tuner, if you want, but itโ€™s best to get assisted by a specialist that knows everything about the task.


This is exactly why you should hire Piano Express for your piano tuning needs. Our company is known as one of the most reputed piano mover companies in the countries, which we are. But, we are far more, than just a moving contractor. Since we are only working with pianos, we have some serious piano experts working with us, who know everything about pianos and provide tuning services on everyday basis. If you want your piano to be tuned to a pitch perfect, you need Piano Express to take care of it for you!


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