Piano Express is one of the most renowned Malaysian piano removal companies. The company was founded more than 10 years ago and only featured the founder and a couple of other workers. What started as a minor piano moving contractor would soon grow into a nationwide phenomenon that would gain acclaim throughout the country. Piano Express has set a new bar for service quality when it comes to piano removals. The thing is that we always commit to our job and make sure that everything is done perfectly, no matter how complicated the task is.


One of the core reasons for the success of Piano Express is our companyโ€™s individual approach to each client. We donโ€™t believe in the generalization of our work, because each piano โ€“ even if the model is similar โ€“ is different and each pianoโ€™s location is different. This involves a lot of factors, including weight, size, presence of stairs on location, presence of narrow passages, etc. We take all of these into account and plan out the removal well before proceeding to its handling.


As a highly reputed Malaysian piano moving company, Piano Express makes sure that each customer receives the best offer possible. This is also related to our individual approach, as we donโ€™t impose any services that the client doesnโ€™t need. We are flexible in terms of our assistance. That said, if a piano removal requires us to get special machinery for its accomplishment, we have lorries, cranes, etc. in stock.


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