Moving a piano on your own is just not safe. No matter, if itโ€™s a portable organ, digital piano, upright piano or grand piano, you can get yourself injured and your instrument damaged. This is why there are specialized, professional piano relocation services. If you are planning to move your instrument in Sabah, youโ€™ve got to make sure that you have a reliable team by your side that can provide you with the necessary assistance. Please, note that a regular moving company is not a good fit for this task. Itโ€™s all because a general moving service worker will not know how to handle a piano properly even in regular conditions, not mentioning some really tricky situations, like getting stuck in a narrow U-turn with a huge keyboard instrument on their hands.


Speaking of professionals that know how to handle a piano move, Piano Express is always here to get your piano anywhere you need. As follows from our name, we only work with pianos. Moreover, we have been doing it for over a decade now, and we donโ€™t care about your pianoโ€™s brand โ€“ weโ€™ll provide you with same as top-notch assistance for Yamaha, Kawai or any other piano out there. All of our workers are true professionals with years of experience behind their shoulders. In other words, if you need a piano mover in Sabah, you need Piano Express. We have the best and most transparent pricing in the country and are available on weekends and short notice. There is no impossible piano removal for us, as we have all the necessary tools, machinery and equipment for handling of even the trickiest relocations.


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