Pianos are a very delicate and special type of musical instruments, so when it comes to their removal and transportation to another place, it’s necessary to approach the task with all the responsibility. Of course, a lot depends on the type of your instrument – it’s size, weight, etc. However, you obviously don’t want it to get either scratched, smashed, broken, or otherwise damaged. In other words, you need professional piano moving service to get your instrument relocated from one place to another. While there are many moving services in Petaling Jaya, not all of them are capable of providing you with the right set of services. Although their offers may seem very appealing due to their prices, it’s best for you to avoid them for the best of your piano and your wallet. You need to find just the right combination of price and quality.


This is why you should trust your piano relocation needs to Piano Express – one of the most reputed piano movers in Petaling Jaya and all of Malaysia. The secret to our success is simple: hard work and over 10 years of experience. Moreover, we started as a small contractor with just a couple of workers, but soon developed into a company with multiple departments and a very complex structure. All of this allows us to keep the quality of our work incredibly high, constantly exceeding our clients’ expectations. We work with all piano brands, including Grotrian Steinweg, Stuart and Sons, Kawai, Yamaha, and so on. We make sure that all of our workers are properly trained before getting to work with their first clients. Piano Express is the guarantee of your piano’s safe and clean relocation.


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