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Piano removal is by default a rather difficult task, as it involves quite a lot of experience and qualification from the part of those handling it. In other words, handling a piano removal on your own is the last thing you want to do to yourself and your instrument. This is why it’s best to trust the job to professionals, such as Piano Express. By hiring our company for your piano relocation, you are protecting yourself from unnecessary costs associated with piano damages and personal injuries that often occur, when the job is handled by people without the proper knowledge about the process. Piano removal involves consideration of a wide range of factors and if you are not a professional yourself, there is no way for you to make proper preparations for the move on your own.


Sometimes, piano removals require assistance of special heavy machinery, such as cranes, lorries and tailgate lorries. For example, your grand piano is placed on the second floor of your house and various changes you’ve made to your interior over the years do not allow its removal using conventional ways. This is exactly when a crane will be the best way to get it out and into the truck or lorry. We have some of the best factory and heavy machinery at hand that help us deal with some of the most complicated piano removals. Piano Express will be glad to assist you, whether you are in Klang, KL, Shah Alam, PJ or any other place in the country.


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