Piano Express knows exactly, how important it is to be sure that your piano is handled by professional movers, who can guarantee its safety during the entire process. And it is absolutely fine if you have some questions before actually hiring us. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our services along with our answers:

Why does it matter to hire the right piano mover contractor in Malaysia for a piano removal?

While a piano may look, like a monolith, there are tons of details within each instrument that can break down or otherwise fail due to improper handling. This is the exact reason, why you should focus on finding and hiring a piano mover team that can assure the safe and sound handling of your piano.

How does Piano Express relocate pianos?

There is a reason why Piano Express is considered one of the best piano movers in the country. We are using the highest-quality machinery and equipment in combination with the work of our professionally trained and experienced movers to provide safe and operative piano relocations.

Why Choose Piano Express over other contractors?

One of the main reasons would be our experience that exceeds ten years of constant work and improvement. At the same time, all of our movers pass special training once in a while to make sure they are fit for the job and can handle even the trickiest and unexpected situations that can arise during a piano removal. Piano Express approaches each contractor individually in order to provide the most optimal price possible.

Why hire a piano mover instead of handling it on my own?

When you need to get your electric net fixed, youโ€™re hiring an electrician, unless you are one yourself. The same goes for piano removals โ€“ Piano Express is one of the best piano moving companies in the country due to experience and high qualifications in the niche. This is necessary to assure the safe and sound relocation of your instrument.