Obviously, when you are in need of moving your piano to a new location, you want your instrument to get there safe and sound. And if this is your case, you should forget about the idea of handling the task on your own, as it’s too dangerous for both you and your piano. It really doesn’t matter, if you own a digital piano, upright piano, portable organ, or grand piano – whatever it is, it requires a team of professional piano movers to take care of the instrument. Why necessarily professionals? It’s really important to hire a reliable moving service contractor, if you want your piano to avoid scratches, cracks and a wide range of other damages. If you are not a piano mover yourself, you should take your time and find a reliable one. This way you’ll both protect yourself from damages and injuries and save a ton of money.


There are quite a few movers in Melaka these days, and many of them claim to provide some incredible and fantastic services, while being just small teams of haulers. On the other hand, there is Piano Express that provides nationwide piano moving assistance throughout the country. We have been doing this for over 10 years and our team is a lot more, than just a couple of haulers. Our movers are professionally trained and tested on a regular basis. The logistics department behind proper scheduling makes sure that everything works, like a clock. And whether your piano was manufactured by Yamaha, Kawai, or any other company – we don’t care, because we are professionals and know how to deal with all the brands. Hire Piano Express to get your piano securely moved to the new location.


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