Getting a piano moved from one location to another is a difficult task as it is, by default. And if you want to do it safely, it gets even more difficult. No matter, if you need to relocate an organ, digital piano, grand piano, or upright piano, the task is always time-consuming and labor-intensive. Moreover, the only way to make sure that your piano is safe from damages and you don’t get any injuries or run into additional costs, is hiring a professional piano mover in Penang. There are many contractors that claim to provide exclusively good piano moving services at ridiculously low prices, but if you get along with them, don’t expect your piano to get to its new location safely. Why? Simply, because such companies are just minor contractors with three or four haulers with an old truck at their disposal. This is not a definition of an expert piano moving service.


Speaking of professionals and affordability in the piano moving niche, there is one company that takes it to the next level with each new customer. Piano Express is a piano moving expert with over 10 years of experience. Our company has been providing ultimate piano relocation services since day one and has grown into a nationwide phenomenon that is available in any location throughout the country today. Moreover, we try to keep our services as affordable as possible by providing only the features a client needs. All of our customers appreciate the transparency that we provide to them, because they know clearly, what they spend their money for. Piano Express wants to be the best piano mover there could be, so you can trust your piano to us and be sure it’s going to arrive safe at its new location.


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