Piano relocation is one of the tasks that should be handled by a professional contractor. Although you might think that doing it on your own is a much more cost-efficient way, you are mistaking. The thing is that piano relocation requires a lot of knowledge, understanding and skill that you canโ€™t have, if youโ€™re not a piano mover yourself. What are you going to do, if your grand piano seemingly canโ€™t be taken out of the room? What if you get stuck in a U-turn staircase with an upright piano on your hands? What if your portable organ starts falling apart, while youโ€™re carrying it? All of these and many other factors should be carefully addressed and evaluated before the start of a piano removal process. And thereโ€™s no better way to get it all done, than by hiring a reliable, qualified piano moving service.


That said, Piano Express offers affordable and qualified piano removal solutions to residents of Pahang. Our company has been working throughout Malaysia for over 10 years and our skills have been getting better and better day after day. We take all of our workers through regular training to ensure the best preparation for all kinds of situations. Our company possesses all the needed machinery and equipment to handle all kinds of removals. Donโ€™t worry about your instrumentโ€™s manufacture โ€“ whether itโ€™s Yamaha, Kawai, or any other brand, weโ€™ll take the best care of it. If you want your piano to remain safe and sound throughout the entire relocation process, you should lay all the doubt aside and hire Piano Express to take care of it.


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