When you are planning to move a piano from Singapore to Malaysia, it could be quite a trouble. While there are a lot of things you need to take care of, while preparing for the move, there’s also international relocation factors that should be taken into account. And it really doesn’t matter, if you need to move a portable organ, upright piano, digital piano, or grand piano – the process can be really difficult, if you don’t know everything related to it. First of all, there’s the physical assistance part, for which you need to get a team of reliable and professional piano movers, who can safely get your piano out of its initial location and to its new location. Then, you need experts in international instrument transportation, which requires a completely different set of skills and knowledge. But, if you want to get help from a reliable service and not waste a whole lot of money, it’s best if you find and hire a single contractor that can do everything for you from start to finish.


Piano Express is the company that will easily get your piano from Singapore to Malaysia in no time. We’ll take care of everything related to the transportation. Why should you trust us? Simply because we are the largest nationwide piano moving service in Malaysia with over 10 years of experience. Our company has a real dream team, which is why our piano moving services are so good. We work with all possible brands, from Yamaha to Kawai, and all piano types imaginable. All of our workers are professionally trained before they get to move even their first pianos. Piano Express is the best way to get your piano relocated safely and soundly.


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