Are you intending to move your piano to a new location in Negeri Sembilan? Do you have everything you need for it? Do you think you can handle it on your own? Well, this is where you should stop, because handling a piano relocation by yourself is not the best idea, unless you want to damage the instrument, harm yourself, and end up with quite a lot of extra costs. If you don’t want anything of that, then you should seriously consider hiring a professional moving service. By trusting your piano removal needs to a professional piano moving contractor, you are securing yourself from additional costs and your piano from a broad range of damages. Although it may seem, like an almost impossible thing to do, if you give it enough time in advance, you’ll be able to find a reliable company.


Piano Express is here to help you with your piano removal needs. We don’t care, if your piano was made by Kawai, Yamaha, or any other brand – we work with all of them and have been working for over 10 years now. Piano Express is all about providing customers with outstanding and clean piano removal services at affordable prices. Whether you have an upright piano, portable organ, or even a full-scale grand piano, you can always expect it to be handled professionally with an utmost care by our specialists. Each mover working at our company goes through a special training program that enables them to learn dealing with the harshest tasks related to the process. If you want your piano to be safe at the end of removal, you need Piano Express to do it for you.


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