So, you need to hire a piano mover in Klang? You’ve made the right decision to not deal with this quite difficult task on your own. If you’re still not sure why you did the right thing, let’s take a closer look at a piano removal process. First of all, what type of piano do you have – is it an upright piano, portable organ, grand piano, or any other type? How much does it weigh? Are their any staircases on the way from the piano’s location to exit? Is there a possibility to remove it from its location without the need for special machinery and equipment? And so on. These are just a few questions and they have already started to make your head hurt. So, once again, deciding to find a piano mover for your instrument’s relocation was absolutely the right to do.


And, since you’re on this page, you’ve just found yourself the perfect piano mover in Klang! Piano Express is a piano moving specialist with over 10 years of experience. We have an incredible team of experts working under one roof to provide an excellent piano moving service. Whether you have a Kawai, Yamaha, Stuart and Sons, or any other brand’s piano, we’ll easily handle its relocation for you. Before getting to the removal process, we’ll come to your place and evaluate the task, noting all the details and developing a pathway. If needed, we’ll bring special machinery, such as crane or lorry, to get your piano out and to the new place. Pianos should be relocated with ultimate care and Piano Express is you best way to do it.


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