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With the motive of extending our services and providing our customers all the help under one roof, Piano Mover Malaysia also provide the services of fine piano tuning. A piano owner would know how important it is to make those minute adjustments to get the right pitch, and the amount of vibrations needed to play a piano in tune. Furthermore, the fact is inevitable that moving a huge instrument like a piano can be cumbersome, and some of the strings might need fixation later. So, assuming it to be our duty and to ensure that our customers get the most contention, Piano Mover Malaysia render the service of Piano Tuning too at very competitive prices. Moving can sometimes be a big deal and with instruments, it is always about their performance after relocation. With this service of piano tuning, We feel privileged to be able to help its customers with everything that is required to be done before, during, and after relocation of your instrument.