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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand how crucial it is to move stuff, and so we realise that our potential customers might have some queries. Here’s a little help from our end:

1. Why is it important to choose the right piano movers in malaysia for your instrument?
Pianos look robust, but each item installed in the instrument must be handled sensitively and with care. So, the best Piano Movers in Malaysia will take care that nothing happens to your belongings, and the relocation is done smoothly.

2. How do we relocate your equipment?
At Piano Movers, we use the best-quality equipments to cover and place your piano safely. For this, we use a full-size truck, having a weighing capacity of approximately 2,000 Lbs. This truck plays an important role as it provides ample space to the piano and so, your instrument reaches you scratch free.

3. Why should you choose Piano Movers Malaysia?
Piano Movers are farfetched, and so we’re locally available at any time of the year. Furthermore, we provide class one quality services at extremely affordable prices, which is just another cherry on the cake.

4. Why do I need a piano mover and not do it on my own?
Like any other field, professional Piano Movers are best at what they do. Since we have been in the profession for a while now, we have the experience and knowledge to judge the pros and cons of every tiny bit of piano moving. Furthermore, hiring a professional will always ensure you of the risk and injury avoidance to your instrument.